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The vast majority of buildings are covered in slate, clay or concrete tiles but they are usually taken for granted until they start to leak! Tiled roofs have developed to such an extent that the simplicity of its function is lost with the sophistication of each individual component. Roof covering takes the full brunt of our elements including rain, wind, sun, snow, algae, moss and frost and sometimes vandalism.

Mochan Roofing - Roofing Specialists Kent


We specialise in flat and pitched roofing in tiles and slates to suit the style of your property.

There is often a misconception around flat roofing but if the job is done well, both flat and pitched roofing are equally durable. We can advise you on the most suitable options for your property.

Roofline Work

We are adept at repairing and replacing box gutters and vales to ensure smooth drainage.

With our experience we will ensure that the finished results match any existing features of your property.

uPVC Soffits and Fascia

uPVC fascias and soffits are quick and easy to install and designed as a maintenance free and cost effective solution when replacing existing old timber fascia boards.

Mochan Roofing - Gutters Kent


We carry out gutter work including custom made gutters in cast iron. Cast Iron has been the material of choice since the Victorian times and if maintained correctly you can achieve a minimum life expectancy of 40 years.

Black is our most popular colour option but it is also available in a range of other colours.

Mochan Roofing - Velux Windows Kent

Velux Windows/Whitesale Em-Domes

We can fit Velux windows or Whitesales Em-Domes which offer high quality rooflights designed to make optimum use of natural light creating a stunning finish to any roof line.

Lead Work

Lead sheet is a proven, long-life building material. It is extremely malleable making it particular ideal for roofing tiles.

We allow thermal movement to the joints whilst remaining weathertight.

Mochan Roofing - Solar Panels Kent

Solar Panels

Mochan Roofing are experienced in fitting solar panels bringing renewable energy to your home by converting sunlight into electricity.

PV panels do not require direct sunlight to create electricity. Even on a cloudy day, small amounts of electricity can be produced.

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